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A World Class competition in Cartagena

+6 years hosting Regatta Events

Non-motorized boat competitions (Regattas) have ratified their relevance in the city of Cartagena, with more than 60 boats in constant competition in private tournaments. The World Sailing, the official world body for sailing competitions, certifies the Cartagena Regatta Club and its registered boats, in compliance with the required international standards.

In Cartagena you can find

All you need to spend a great weekend of wind competitions + a lots of activities sponsored by the main event.

Regatta Fest

As was the case with the Heineken Regatta fest in 2022, this year’s event will be held over 2 days. The opening will take place on Friday 4 August.

420 Class

The 420 is an established worldwide two-person spinnaker and trapeze racing category that has World Sailing International Class status.

Kitesurf Party

With several modalities that can be practiced; jumps and maneuvers (freestyle), regattas between buoys (race) and wave surfing (surfkite).

Wingfoil Carnival

A very recent new modality, that consists of handling a wing that is simply operated by hand, and can be attached to a harness or leash, with a board.

Cartagena has adequate routes

In its main bodies of water, to carry out world-class events, framed in a whole festival that coexists with a great diversity of events.

Regatta schedule for all 3 days

What else to do during the competitions?

Events throughout the city

From the opening to the closing of the event, we will have different events in which everyone can participate. Special areas with the best brands on the beaches of the city, on the walls of the old city and theme parties in the main discos and yacht clubs of Cartagena.

Meet our main Associates

We are endorsed by the main local authorities and the main maritime clubs of the city. All of them guarantee an event under international standards and with the best scenarios for our participants.

Lift your kite on our shores

A sport that has opened up a space in Cartagena de Indias, makes its debut in our 2023 festival.

Wing Foil Surfers

We have perfect courses for wing foil riders from all over the world, surfing in Cartagena.

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Oficial Closing Party 2022

The events hosted by our main sponsored all around the city

Our headquarters

Meet us in Cartagena, where our festival takes place.

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